Monthly Archives: March 2010

Ok everyone! I decided

I went to the apple store right now on my lunch and spoke with a representative about comparisions between a laptop and a desktop and decided that I’m going to buy a desktop! Yes that’s right! A desktop!

27 inches!!! For the same price as a 15 inch laptop!

Im buying it on Friday early morning!

So excited!! God bless it!!!


I go on day by day wondering when shell come. When will I meet her?

Whousay? My future wife

Yea I would love to be married.

At this moment. No

But before I’m 30. Yes

I just have this feeling that I’ll know when I meet her

I’ll know when she turns my heart upside down

I’ll know when I want to spend all my time with her

Who knows? It might just not be like that.

She’s out there. If you see her tell her I said hi. But for now I just haven’t met her yet. And I’m ok with that. : )

when the boat starts to sink jump out.

“I know what your reading right now you might not userstand but it’s the only way I can express myself without letting you in on what’s what publicly.”

I feel as if my boat is sinking

I’m ready to swim with the sharks and

Eat anything that looks like food

The music flows | my heart beats

Creativity sparks | my mind races

where’s my liferaft when I need it

I know when u swim with sharks you get eatin alive. I don’t want that

I’m jumping out of the boat that’s sinking and hoping to land on solid ground which is where I’ll find peace

I read a sik typography design last night where it read:
change the way you see thing, and the things you see begin to change.

Of course it looked super cool

Thanks.god bless.peace.

As you know, I’ve taken up the art of web design! Well if you were wondering what am I working on at the moment?

Well keep track of my progress as I work on the following two websites!


I will continue to make daily changes

As well as adding content

So keep checking in regularly to see what I’ve done to the two sites and what I’m working on!

Thanks everyone! .muchLOVE

My week started off horrible, and was is ok, I can’t wait for it to be next week already.. But I have a feeling that it’s gunna be a looooonngg week!

Oh well : / ..I’ll get through it I guess