So so often in our lifes we make mistakes or unexpected things happen bad or good and we say to oursleves, why does this have to happen now!? Or why me!?

Whether your boss schedules you the exact time you said you aren’t available or your dream guy or woman pops into your life when you decide to take a year off from dating.

We just DONT get it! ..that is untill AFTER it’s over. You see.., when it ends we look back and say, wow im glad that happened!

(However if your reading this and say otherwise then your just not finished going through whatever it is that your talking about.)

Me for instance. I met this girl once and we hit it off right away. Everything was perfect and dandy. Then all of a suddon he wants to be friends after a week or so of hanging out, well I said ok. But then being friends wasn’t working out because she was super stand offish and short with me.


Well now a few months later I still have trouble understanding how we went from super close to super distant, it frustrated me!!!

Then I started attending this guys bible study, super cool guy by the way.

Well now still a few months later struggling to forget about mine and her situation my boss schedules me to work when I said I needed to be off by and so now I’m gunna miss bible study.

Well come to find out the guy announces he’s officially her boyfriend, (at the bible study he does this)

You see in our lifes theirs things that we just don’t get or can’t understand or make us angry or sad.

We go through them and God is telling us DONT YOU GET IT!?

he just trying to lead you down the right path, he has a better plan for you then you know!

Apparantly god had planned for them to be together and god was preparing me

For tonight, and he knew I wasn’t ready so he made It where somehow my boss scheduled me to work the same night the announcement was made.

Now I get it, and instead of being angry or sad. I’m happy!

My point to the story is you won’t get the big picture or clarity untill you are obedient to God and what he’s telling you to do, theennnn after you basically followed directions and go through it he will reveal his plan and show you why whatever happened to you happened!

Thanks God, your pretty awesome!


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