Now if your that 1 our of 1,000,000,000 that finds his/her husband/wife on the first try at a relationship then stop reading. Now for everyone else who has been here and there trying different types of personalitys to see who they are most compatible with. Or if you know what your looking for but just haven’t found that special someone that makes you smile when you say their name or makes you stutter and nervous when you get close to them. Then don’t worry because they are out their for you. I know people have many opinions on the topic but here’s my experience. Every time you are looking to find the right guy or girl you never can. But then when you say I give up I’m gunna wait an Have fun being single, all these amazing people start to pop out of the woodworks! I have still yet to get married. But I do know what I want an am looking for, and there are woman in my life that are great people, but I’m patient. I know where I’m headed and love just has to learn to wait till IM ready. : )

-thanks for reading! I love you!


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