Boat vs. Shark

when the boat starts to sink jump out.

“I know what your reading right now you might not userstand but it’s the only way I can express myself without letting you in on what’s what publicly.”

I feel as if my boat is sinking

I’m ready to swim with the sharks and

Eat anything that looks like food

The music flows | my heart beats

Creativity sparks | my mind races

where’s my liferaft when I need it

I know when u swim with sharks you get eatin alive. I don’t want that

I’m jumping out of the boat that’s sinking and hoping to land on solid ground which is where I’ll find peace

I read a sik typography design last night where it read:
change the way you see thing, and the things you see begin to change.

Of course it looked super cool

Thanks.god bless.peace.


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