I feel like the world is against me!

Jut within the last week alone!

Here’s the story,

I showed up 2 hours late lat Sunday morning. Late the Friday before and Kay everyday after the following Tuesday! And then got sent home and almost fired fromy job. This happened all within a week! And on top of that I had to customers complain about me big time because they didn’t like the way I service them at the register! Anndddd one of my shifts tattle-tailed on me to my store manager about my phone bein out while on the job! Ughh

And still!!! All within 1 week! I swear I’m gunna lose my job I this keeps up! Buy I really feel like I’m at rock bottom with my job and there’s nothing that I can do to make it better!! It feels like I’m screaming for help but nobody can hear me!! It hurts so much inside but don’t know how to handle it!

And I haven’t seen or hung out with my friends a lot lately cuz I feel like I’m following gods path with my passion to serve mininistry and that breaks my heart too!

Anndddd I feel like I have no one to talk to or that understands me but myself and god

But I want someone in the flesh to be there with me!

I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do.

I know being late was my fault and the phone thing too but it’s still hard.

  1. Quendy said:

    I’m hear for you in the flesh, ALWAYS! Do not ever hesitate to call me to talk.

  2. Joe (Bro) said:

    Hey, Steven! We love and care about you. Remember, you can’t make everyone happy, especially customers. And as for the phone, just keep it in your pocket! 🙂

    Remember, God gives us challenges everyday. He may be challenging you right now to see if you can remember the rules.

    God wants us to be responsible, always on time, and to meet our obligations. It’s a struggle and that’s what God wants to see from us, to struggle and succeed.

    Remember, EVERYTHING comes from God. Phone, jobs, angry people, EVERYTHING! You must look at every situation as “what would Jesus do here?” What is God trying to say to me? if your boss gets mad at you being late, maybe God has impressed his soul to push you in the right direction. If someone at work tattle-tailed on you, again, maybe God impressed his or her soul to make you think twice about using your phone. God is involved in everything, don’t take that for granted.

    Allison and I love you very much!

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