who cares about love!?

Ever wondered when you’ll meet the right one? Unless you already have then your just like me who hasn’t!

Your not alone! There are plenty of singles out there going through the same thing! So please don’t “pull the pitty” and make people feel bad for u by casting your sorrows of lonelyness to grab the attention when u feel ignored.

Now that doesn’t mean to not express yourself. Be my guest!

YES | BE MY GUEST | like beauty in the beast

When your emotionaly involved with someone your heart sows itself to theirs in a way that if they break it you can feel your heart tear apart from theirs

in other terms “your heart broken”

Well I put it into example like this,

“if you ever had heartburn before after eating to much spicy food or eating too much too fast then you know what I’m saying. You can literally feel your heart burn. It hurts and you grab your chest in hopes of helping it out or something as if you hug a friend who’s crying. Neways! That’s how it feels when u are heartbroken!

For me at least.

(I’m NOT heartbroken by the way if your wondering)

So I say, what is love?

Is it when your willing to sow your heart with theirs and be one.

Or is it when you think about them

Night and day. And all you want to do is see them. Talk to them. Be with them. Is love when your stomach turns upside down when they kiss you? Or is it when are at a loss for words when they suprise you after work with a gift?

For all I know love is lost for me.

Am I willing to find it? Yes.

Is it willing to find me? Idk.

What will I do if I find it? Idk.

Do I trust gods plan for me?Yes.

If you know what love is. Tell me your idea. Tell me your storie. Tell me

Your heartbreak. Tell me bible verses.

I love your feedback. I L O V E U


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