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It starts with an idea. A project. A plan. When you receive it in your head you absolutely need to write it down. Or else you’ll try to remember yet fail ad forget. Whether you use a notepad, an iphone app, or your computer, you need to write it, draw it, and just get it all out of your head.

First, you need to jot down the main idea and how you want it to look, happen, and pan out. Including, where, when, and why. This helps by organizing your thoughts into categories and areas of work.

Second, you should draw out any images, or visual ideas for your “plan”. Such as, how a poster would look, or what colors would be used. However don’t get lost in the details just yet. The main things you want to focus on are the audience, and the affect you want to leave. Take into consideration demographics, location, and timing.

Who you are trying to throw an event for is a key part, because you know what that group might be more inclined to react to or be more interested in hearing about. For example, you don’t throw a fundraising event for a certain political party for teenagers. They want to see more color, energy, and experience fun environment.

Location plays a vital roll in what your idea calls for. Throwing a car wash at a gas station across from a strip club or bar might not bring in the customers you were looking for. However at your local school, or recreation center, or park might be better. Depending on the size of your event always plays a role in choosing your location for whatever it is that you want to do. Also take into consideration, parking, bathrooms, cooking, occupancy limits, etc.

“Throwing a car wash at a gas station across from a strip club or bar might not bring in the customers you were looking for”

Timing is very effective when it comes to creating a better effect on your message, and the people you want to show up. Just like throwing a picnic to raise awareness for the lack of safe parks in your neighborhoods might not be best in november, or december. Also take into consideration people might be home for the holidays, or in school. It sounds like a Summer time time kick off special to me would be best.

Third, after you have figured out who its for, where it will be, and when you want it to happen. You have to sit up, put on your thinking cap and really dive into the deep with the details. Making sure you don’t forget the candles for little Johnny’s birthday. It might seem like your adding too much to the list, but when it comes down to execution. You will always forget something. Even if you ask others to help you. Break things up into separate areas for people to work on so yo don’t get overloaded and disorganized. I’t doesn’t hurt to ask, “are we forgetting anything?”

Lastly, go over your checklists. Look through your files. And check off everything you’ve done and need to do. A key step is too keep everything nice and neat, in one pile, or separate piles according to “area” of event. A few ways that can help you is by, color coordinating, file cabinets, creating files for specific tasks, folders, checklists, and other people. Whatever it takes for you to know where things are and execute your idea without saying, I’m sorry babe, i thought i had the wring in my pocket!

Sometimes finding the right place to sit and think about your idea can be a big problem. It’s either because, a. you have no time. or b. you really just don’t care enough. I’m here to tell you that you need to be nicer to your ideas, your goals in life, to your future!

Ever so often do we say EUREKA! and shabam, a light bulb turns on in our head with an plan for action, a plan for change! We came up with something that could impact the world and other around us. It’s then, when we start to think of the how, when, where part of it.

Then about an hour later, and a few friends giving you doubtful feedback. You get discouraged and your idea, “dies”. When do we tell ourselves, “we can do it!” Finding yourself in a phase of make it or break it can be hard for some people, because they were motivated and now they aren’t.

“ you get discouraged

and your idea dies ”

Here’s where inspiration comes in. Find the time to look at magazines, or creative websites that follow along with the same field of interest that your ideas are focused towards and then look at everything, read everything. Compare how what you want to happen coincides with what they have already done, and where you can improve to make your idea better.

Once you find stuff that really gets you inspired, keep writing down everything you come up with, keep searching for more and more stuff like it. Don’t take no for an answer until you actually get down to planning.

For me, i search hundreds of creative websites, that focus on the same path I’m going down. Everything just seems to excite me, and fuel my fire for what I have planned. Then i do some editing of my idea, and wala! out comes a well oiled machine of an idea.

Now it might take a while for you to get inspired, but don’t get discouraged. Just keep looking for stuff that gets you fired up. Whether its surrounding yourself with friends, mentors, looking at cool websites, anything that really helps you get off your feet and get inspired!

A few things I’m interested in.


Design at it’s best! You see it everywhere you go. On tv, on billboards, flyers, Internet, brochures, ads, business cards, logos, brand names, clothing, milk cartons, cereal boxes, and more!

“ i’ve always been very observant oft surrounds and how things are displayed or how people display things. most of us buy things based on the appearnce first. my goal is to create inspirational work that motivates you for change, to make an impact. to see the world in a different way. as I see it. to be a muse for other creatives. and to help business/people get their message across in a creative way.”


Everyday your most likely using the web. Whether it’s for contacting another person, purchasing something, or staying updated on all your friends and what’s new in their life. how you see the internt and how easily usable it is really affects your decision to re-visit that website or not.

“ I want to be able to create user friendly awe inspring websites that you want to tell your friends about, that you want to visit again, again, and again.”


Everyone knows the saying, a pictures says a thousand words. We take them all the time, we use them to tell stories. And mothers & grand mothers charish them more then you know.

“taking photos is another creative release for me. it’s a way for me to express how I feel about the world around me and the way I see it. taking photos, then editing them to fit the emotion I’m portraying is just a little part of it. I see the world in a different way when I’m deciding to take a photo. even though i only have an iPhone to shoot with, I still love to take an share photos that inspire, think, motivate, and give you hope. Wanting to make a difference, to cultivate change.”


Telling a story that captures your attention and makes you see things differently, forever. When you watch a tv show movie, you get “into” it by placing yourself into it, because the director makes the movie in such a way that you can connect yourself to it.

And oh how good they are at doing so.

“ I want to create short films that are very; raw, vintage, uncut Videos. being able to potray a message without words is something I’m very fond of. creating powerful videos that let you see things around you that you might not have noticed, or seen that way”

There will be more to come…

(so keep checking back)

What if your life had a soundtrack?


imagine yourself watching a movie of you living your life throught your day.

[example: video of you waking up and getting ready and going to work or doing whatever you do with your day and the camera gets cool shots and different point if view positions]

– now take that and add a soundtrack

//make it a little soft so you can still hear when you or someone else or other noises that are in your video//

“wouldn’t that be cool? I think so.”

I’m takingtime to rest. Taking time to seek his face.

Blessing being poured out reach my heart. Yet I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m just so unsure of myself and the desicions I make.

Being confident that what i decide is good for me or not.

Ehh my thoughts are so clouded with rain I can barely see. All I need to do is be still and listen really well! Lol

Easy yet hard.