A few things I’m interested in.


Design at it’s best! You see it everywhere you go. On tv, on billboards, flyers, Internet, brochures, ads, business cards, logos, brand names, clothing, milk cartons, cereal boxes, and more!

“ i’ve always been very observant oft surrounds and how things are displayed or how people display things. most of us buy things based on the appearnce first. my goal is to create inspirational work that motivates you for change, to make an impact. to see the world in a different way. as I see it. to be a muse for other creatives. and to help business/people get their message across in a creative way.”


Everyday your most likely using the web. Whether it’s for contacting another person, purchasing something, or staying updated on all your friends and what’s new in their life. how you see the internt and how easily usable it is really affects your decision to re-visit that website or not.

“ I want to be able to create user friendly awe inspring websites that you want to tell your friends about, that you want to visit again, again, and again.”


Everyone knows the saying, a pictures says a thousand words. We take them all the time, we use them to tell stories. And mothers & grand mothers charish them more then you know.

“taking photos is another creative release for me. it’s a way for me to express how I feel about the world around me and the way I see it. taking photos, then editing them to fit the emotion I’m portraying is just a little part of it. I see the world in a different way when I’m deciding to take a photo. even though i only have an iPhone to shoot with, I still love to take an share photos that inspire, think, motivate, and give you hope. Wanting to make a difference, to cultivate change.”


Telling a story that captures your attention and makes you see things differently, forever. When you watch a tv show movie, you get “into” it by placing yourself into it, because the director makes the movie in such a way that you can connect yourself to it.

And oh how good they are at doing so.

“ I want to create short films that are very; raw, vintage, uncut Videos. being able to potray a message without words is something I’m very fond of. creating powerful videos that let you see things around you that you might not have noticed, or seen that way”

There will be more to come…

(so keep checking back)


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