Sometimes finding the right place to sit and think about your idea can be a big problem. It’s either because, a. you have no time. or b. you really just don’t care enough. I’m here to tell you that you need to be nicer to your ideas, your goals in life, to your future!

Ever so often do we say EUREKA! and shabam, a light bulb turns on in our head with an plan for action, a plan for change! We came up with something that could impact the world and other around us. It’s then, when we start to think of the how, when, where part of it.

Then about an hour later, and a few friends giving you doubtful feedback. You get discouraged and your idea, “dies”. When do we tell ourselves, “we can do it!” Finding yourself in a phase of make it or break it can be hard for some people, because they were motivated and now they aren’t.

“ you get discouraged

and your idea dies ”

Here’s where inspiration comes in. Find the time to look at magazines, or creative websites that follow along with the same field of interest that your ideas are focused towards and then look at everything, read everything. Compare how what you want to happen coincides with what they have already done, and where you can improve to make your idea better.

Once you find stuff that really gets you inspired, keep writing down everything you come up with, keep searching for more and more stuff like it. Don’t take no for an answer until you actually get down to planning.

For me, i search hundreds of creative websites, that focus on the same path I’m going down. Everything just seems to excite me, and fuel my fire for what I have planned. Then i do some editing of my idea, and wala! out comes a well oiled machine of an idea.

Now it might take a while for you to get inspired, but don’t get discouraged. Just keep looking for stuff that gets you fired up. Whether its surrounding yourself with friends, mentors, looking at cool websites, anything that really helps you get off your feet and get inspired!


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