It starts with an idea. A project. A plan. When you receive it in your head you absolutely need to write it down. Or else you’ll try to remember yet fail ad forget. Whether you use a notepad, an iphone app, or your computer, you need to write it, draw it, and just get it all out of your head.

First, you need to jot down the main idea and how you want it to look, happen, and pan out. Including, where, when, and why. This helps by organizing your thoughts into categories and areas of work.

Second, you should draw out any images, or visual ideas for your “plan”. Such as, how a poster would look, or what colors would be used. However don’t get lost in the details just yet. The main things you want to focus on are the audience, and the affect you want to leave. Take into consideration demographics, location, and timing.

Who you are trying to throw an event for is a key part, because you know what that group might be more inclined to react to or be more interested in hearing about. For example, you don’t throw a fundraising event for a certain political party for teenagers. They want to see more color, energy, and experience fun environment.

Location plays a vital roll in what your idea calls for. Throwing a car wash at a gas station across from a strip club or bar might not bring in the customers you were looking for. However at your local school, or recreation center, or park might be better. Depending on the size of your event always plays a role in choosing your location for whatever it is that you want to do. Also take into consideration, parking, bathrooms, cooking, occupancy limits, etc.

“Throwing a car wash at a gas station across from a strip club or bar might not bring in the customers you were looking for”

Timing is very effective when it comes to creating a better effect on your message, and the people you want to show up. Just like throwing a picnic to raise awareness for the lack of safe parks in your neighborhoods might not be best in november, or december. Also take into consideration people might be home for the holidays, or in school. It sounds like a Summer time time kick off special to me would be best.

Third, after you have figured out who its for, where it will be, and when you want it to happen. You have to sit up, put on your thinking cap and really dive into the deep with the details. Making sure you don’t forget the candles for little Johnny’s birthday. It might seem like your adding too much to the list, but when it comes down to execution. You will always forget something. Even if you ask others to help you. Break things up into separate areas for people to work on so yo don’t get overloaded and disorganized. I’t doesn’t hurt to ask, “are we forgetting anything?”

Lastly, go over your checklists. Look through your files. And check off everything you’ve done and need to do. A key step is too keep everything nice and neat, in one pile, or separate piles according to “area” of event. A few ways that can help you is by, color coordinating, file cabinets, creating files for specific tasks, folders, checklists, and other people. Whatever it takes for you to know where things are and execute your idea without saying, I’m sorry babe, i thought i had the wring in my pocket!


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