Picture Scavanger Hunt

A Picture With/while…

– a street musician
– in the ocean
– pretending to be a server at a restaurant.
– a street named after someone
– someone with bright colored shoes
– while giving a piggy back ride
– a couple kissing
– a couple holding hands
– climbing up something
– in front of a famous restaurant
– your most beautiful view of san Diego
– someones name engraved in the sand at the beach
– a bouncer smiling
– riding a kids tricicle in walmart
– spelling a name with your bodies
– picture in a tree
– picture of guy dressed as girl and visa versa
– with dog that looks like you
– in a shower (with your clothes on)
– a funny face on a paper bag with it over your head
– catching a bird
– pretending to be a statue
– jumping off something
– in a dumpster
– in a cop car

If YOU! have any more ideas then PLEASE add them to the list! We are trying to reach 100.

Once we do, we will just keep going!

Thanks for your support! We love you!

(P.s. we are starting them tonight at 9:30-10 if u want to join in on the fun!)


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