Execution day can be a bit stressful. So keep your head up, and try not to worry about what you might have forgotten or what you can do to make something better. Chances are, you spent months working on your project, event, or fundraiser, etc. So I’m sure its as revised as it can be.

What you need to do now is gather everything you need for it to function smoothly. Whether you have to rent a truck, or walk down the street. Getting there and setting up is half the fun. For things to run as smoothly as possible it’s best if you can get your friends or family to help you with the set-up process unless its not necessary for your type of project.

The next thing down the list is to get the word out and remind people that today is the day! Make phone calls to everyone in your phone, even your grandma from back home who always used to pinch your cheeks and call you your little baby bear! Then you text all those people as well.

Another avenue for reaching out into the masses is by utilizing Facebook as a Marketing platform. Update your status, make an event, invite all your friends, suggest it to everyone. Share it, Share it, Share it. Now-a-days everyone uses Facebook, even our moms! So don’t be afraid to use it for your kick off day!

“Update your status, make an event, invite all your friends, suggest it to everyone”

Twitter can be highly effective as well by blasting it out to everyone who follows you, and then you can have them “re-tweet” it where-in they send it out as well, and so on, creating a snowball effect! Now take into account how many people you know actually use twitter. Either way its 1 way to get the word out that things are happening.

After you have called and texted and tweeted and emailed changed your status’s then its time to call it quits. I’m sure everyone has heard about it 5 times already and don’t want to hear it again or they will burst! By this time, not only have you told everyone, but your friends have told their friends and so on. So your good to go until they arrive!

Also when your telling people take into consideration the time they will actually receive all the notifications, so its preferably best to do it in the morning so by the time everyone knows whats going on, they will make it on time to your shindig!

Once you’re done setting up and your waiting for people to arrive, go over your checklists again and see if you need anything else or can alter anything to make it better. Now don’t go changing the entire set-up. Just little things will be fine. Details are what need to be looked over. Not big decisions like if someone bought the cake for tommy’s 5th birthday party!

After all is said and done, you should be proud of yourself and all the hard work you put into having everyone be apart of it. Nothing feels better then to se people smiling, laughing, and having a good time. So kick back, relax, and enjoy what you have ever so slightly slaved over for the past few months or weeks……(or years).


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