Back to the Drawing Board

If you have an idea then you should write it down. Don’t wait for the right time to do so. The right time is NOW. No matter what you’re doing take out something to write with and write on then let your hand and mind do the rest. The best way is to write what your idea is then sketch out any images in your head that correlate to what you have in mind. Don’t worry about whether it looks good, only as long as you can decipher your own handwriting and what image you are trying to portray.

Writing down your ideas, dreams, and aspirations can open up possibilities and doors that you never expected. You never know if you just created a new product for millions to use, or if you just came up with a cure for cancer. However big or small the idea is don’t lose the fact that it IS an idea and it IS important.

Once you have it all down for you to view and look over when you find time. This is when you edit and cut things. Only you can say what will work and not work at first. Try every option you can think of that could make it better or more practical. After getting down to where you don’t want to make any more changes then you take it to your closest friends & colleagues for their comments. Now don’t be let down if you get 9 out of 10 NO’s. The point is to let your idea be heard. It’s up to YOU to take in the feedback and apply any changes you feel are necessary or make sense. If everyone say’s i just don’t like it then their opinion can be looked over at first. Although if everyone is telling you specifics and challenging it with questions and prospective scenarios where your plan could fail, then you actually wan’t to take that in and re-think those ‘said’ areas.

Ultimately when you present to whomever you present you plan to, it’s up to you to make the final say and changes. If you feel like someones response can go unlooked or just ins’t enough to make a call to change then don’t. After all, it WAS your idea. It IS your future. You know what will work and what won’t. Not everybody will have the same opinion and or vision as you to make a difference and seek change among themselves. Don’t forget though that you need to be selective to who you show your preliminary thoughts and sketches with. Not everyone is ready to know, wants to know, or needs to know about what you have in store. You wouldn’t ask your best friend who was divorced 3 times for marriage advice, would you? “Seek Wise Council” is something you always should do.

“You wouldn’t ask your best friend who was divorced 3 times for marriage advice, would you?”

If you have already found that writing everything down helps then you might want to check out Behance. It’s where all things creative come together in a unified network so everyone can be made available and see what other lead creatives are doing. They also offer a Creatives Outfitter which are a line of products designed to take your ideas, meetings, plans, events, lists and sketches and put them down on paper in an organized and professional way that you might have never thought of doing.

Take the time out of your week to modify and work on what you have in mind. Take it and run with it as far as your heart desires. Be passionate. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t stop. Be a glass half full kind of person. Re-write, re-do, re-draw, re-think, re-wind to the days of when you were a child and nothing else mattered in the world around you except having fun and not caring about what anyone else said. Now you are wiser, more matured, more knowledgeable, ready to take on the responsibility. Now go out there and make it happen. Write down everything. Put time into refining it. Be determined to finish and make it happen.


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