I Never Believed This Was Possible – But Now I Do

How my life turned from upside down waves into right side up skies. I can never go back.

GOD. I’ve been around talks of Him and Christianity my whole life, with my family going on Easter and Christmas. Which they calls those people “Creasters” apparently. It’s quite funny actually.

I never thought much about accepting it as my own belief but turn out it’s something that He had planned for me all along.

God is this all powerful, amazing, wonderful, magnificent, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, all loving God that can literally do anything and everything! I wouldn’t be here without Him, and I definitely couldn’t do it without Him.

He sent Jesus down to save us from our sin. To die and to be raised up from the dead. Like the prophesy told us. Then He left us with the Holy Spirit which lives in us and through us. Guiding us down the right path towards holiness so one day we may enter the kingdom of heaven that He has waiting for us.

It gives me the shivers every time I think of how awesome He is and how blessed I am to know of such God who is always so good to me.


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