Could you live without a car for a year?

My car allows me to do ministry anytime, anywhere. It allows me to bring people together for community and social gatherings.

Ever since I had my car I was so grateful. Now I feel more open to do anything the lord asks me to do and have confidence in doing it. Such has driving to the airport to pick up a pastor at 4am. Or Bringing supplies and or people needed to events and gatherings for 1825.

Having a car I feel more effective in helping people, in being successful, in being open for new opportunities. I don’t get tied down to certain places or not having time to get there. I always know i can be early to things and make commitments.

I plan on hosting a few fund raising events this year that will raise money for multiple Non-Profits, causes and ministries alike. In which I would need a car to travel and pick up resources and find locations and coordinate with people.

Although I feel this way, feelings aren’t what make it right. I know the facts! the facts are that i can’t rely on my car, i can only rely on God. Without him I wouldn’t be able to do any of the stuff i mentioned and more. Without God, I wouldn’t even have a car.

Even if I didn’t have a car and it was in God’s will for me to serve. Then he would make it so, he would provide for me the necessary transportation to fulfill His will in my life and His people’s.

So I know that I shouldn’t depend on my car and not be able to live without it for a year. It’s God who i should depend on, have faith in, and trust that even if it were to be. That I would still make it.


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